My First Product Photography Of The Best Meat Grinder

Product photography is an art as well as science. It is art because the photograph must look attractive and appealing and it is science because the photograph must not only capture but highlight every main aspect about the product especially those aspects that sets this product apart from other similar products.

So, the question is what makes a great product photograph? Alternatively, in other words, how should a great photograph be taken for a product? Please allow me to take a recent example to illustrate this.

Few weeks back, I was asked to photograph one of the most unsuspectingBest LEM Meat Grinder products. It was the LEM W780A 0.75 HP meat grinder which happens to be the best meat grinder in the market.

It was a tricky project because good meat grinders are simple products and moreover that it is the best meant that I had to take pictures such that it also looks the best.

After lots of deliberation, seeing the product upfront, spending time with it alone, and clicking several pictures, I chose my path, which was to focus on its simplicity and on aspects that makes it the best.

One of the aspects that makes LEM W780A 0.75 HP the best meat grinder is its durability. It is made of stainless steel that makes it a strong, sturdy and rugged meat grinder.

To show that it is made of stainless steel, I used reflective lighting to make its edges shine like all stainless steel items do. That brought out the stainless steel aspect about this meat grinder.

Second aspect about this meat grinder that contributes towards it being the best meat grinder is its unique Big Bite technology. This technology and design makes this machine chew bigger sized pieces of meat and that too faster as compared to other meat grinders.

However, this is all inside the machine yet it is crucial to be highlighted. To deal Best Meat Grinder LEM Photowith this I positioned machine such that the deeply engraved and trademarked “BIG BITE” on its neck was in the slight left of my frame. This brought this technology to focus right in the center of the photograph.

It was a smooth ride from here on. The only remaining aspect to be captured properly was examples of how good it actually grinds the meat. This is critical to prove for viewers to feel that indeed it is best meat grinder.

For this, I just put in some meat and collected the grinded meat with different plates installed in the grinder. The grinder indeed function as promised. I took pictures with right angles, lighting and contrast while ensuring that the details and freshness of the meat are not left out.

The result was a menu of nicely ground fresh meat that anyone would love to have.

So, this was my recent experience, that too with a simple machine, and having complexities to highlight all its main aspects.

I hope that it gives you ideas about how to go about photographing such best products such as this best meat grinder.

I look forward to see your thoughts, questions and remarks in the comment section.


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